Important information regarding opening

Dear members,

first of all let us thank you for the patience and understanding you have shown throughout 2020. We especially want to thank you for the faith you have shown in the last few months. Despite all the challenges, we are opening our doors for you, stronger than ever, and our centers are ready for your new victories and achievement of goals.

We kindly ask you to dedicate a few minutes of your time and read this important e-mail in which we will explain everything important for your membership fees and statuses.


All our centers open their doors for practice on Monday – February 15, as follows:

  • ZAGREB and ZADAR at 10:00 (morning)
  • ŠIBENIK, KARLOVAC and OSIJEK at 12:00 (noon)


Your membership fees that you paid in November 2020 are still valid after our opening as follows:

  • Monthly are valid the same number of days that remained unused after 27.11.2020.
  • The contractual membership fees you paid for November 2020 are valid until February 18, 21.

All members who have contractual membership fees with preferential prices will receive an invoice for February, on 19/02/21, and have until February 26, 21 to pay it. (Invoice applies for the period 19 – 28 February 21)

All members who have a contractual membership fee RCP (automatic payment VISA or MASTERCARD) will be charged the amount for the rest of February 21. automatically by card. (Invoice applies for the period 19 – 28 February 21)

If this is not possible, automatic billing will be attempted until February 25, 21 (after which such members will receive an invoice by e-mail and should settle by February 26, 21).

All members who have any contractual membership fee will be paid regularly in March as before the lock down.

For all members who have paid their bills in advance, the membership fee will be extended accordingly.


Since we have new security measures that are regulated by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and therefore mandatory, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following:

Each center has a limited number of members who can stay in the gym at once, as follows:

  • ŠIBENIK 39
  • ZADAR 29
  • OSIJEK 34
  • DUBRAVA 27
  • BUNDEK 29
  • REMIZA 20

If you come to the training when the center is full to the maximum capacity defined by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, you will not be able to workout until someone comes out. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and patience, and we advise you to train when it is less crowded, if possible.

It is extremely important that during your stay in our centers you adhere to all COVID19 rules as follows:

  • Wearing a mask is MANDATORY during entry, exit and stay at the reception. Also while walking through the exercise area and in all areas where you cannot achieve a physical distance of 4 meters.
  • When entering the gym as well as during training, it is mandatory to disinfect your hands with the disinfection liquid provided for that.
  • It is mandatory to have and use your own towel
  • Before and after use, it is obligatory to disinfect the devices with the disinfection liquid provided for that (spray on paper and wipe).
  • Reduce contact with other members.
  • If you notice that someone is not following the rules, and you feel threatened, report to colleagues at the reception or at

All other rules from before still remain in force (except those that are less important in force than the above and are of the same subject).


  • Do you have friends or family members who have never been our members and want to become one? Now is the right time! The first month they will train for only 1 kn if they enroll by February 28th.
  • For all those who used to be our members or have had a monthly membership fee so far, now is the ideal time for you to save money as well. Re-enroll or opt for one of the preferential membership fees and save HRK 199.00 in registration fees at the start. (valid for enrollments until February 28, 21)

We look forward to joint successes and results! Keep us healthy and fit!

Your health partner, Gyms4you.

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