Your employees are your biggest investment!

At Gyms4you we recognize the importance of employee satisfaction. It is important to us, as well as the satisfaction of our members. For that reason we are able to offer you a special offer for your company's employees.

The fact is that employees who exercise regularly are more happy, healthier and more resistant to disease.

Regular recreation reduces stress and its long-term negative effects. Lack of stress results in excessive energy and a higher level of focus during the working day. These are features that make up the difference between average and excellent employees.

Show your staff you care for them.

Gyms4you fitness clubs work non-stop, all 7 days a week, from 0 to 24 hours, so all of our members have the opportunity to exercise at any time of day or night, depending on their affinity and free time.


With one Membership Card, each of our members has an unlimited access from 0 to 24 hours. In addition to unlimited usage, 12 locations are available in 5 cities (Zagreb, Sibenik, Zadar, Osijek and Karlovac).

For your employees you can choose:

– Monthly Membership

– Half-year membership

– Annual Membership

* In order to obtain an additional discount for employees, the minimum number of registered employees is 20 or more employees.


The company pays full membership for the employee, with an additional discount. The invoice is delivered to the company in full amount.

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    It's never too late to visit the gym!

    Have you ever been in the gym? Or it has been a long time since your last visit? Come to a free trial training. We invite you to visit us at any of our 12 locations in 5 cities: Zagreb, Šibenik, Zadar, Osijek and Karlovac.

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