Which of the memberships you have on offer?
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Do I have to pay for all 6/12 months or can I make monthly payments? It is not necessary to pay for all 6/12 months at once, it is paid depending on the date of registration. For example: If you sign up by the 15th of the month, you only pay the remainder of the current month, but if you decide to enter after 15th, you will pay the remainder of the current and the entire next month. You pay monthly for other months.

When and how are my invoices received for other months of contractual obligations and what is the payment deadline? The invoices for other months will be sent to you on every 1st (first) of the month to your email address that you have given when you sign up. You will need to settle them until 8th of the month at the latest. If the account is not settled until that date, the membership card is blocked and then it is not possible to train until the account is settled.

In what ways can I settle my account? The invoices arrive at the email address in pdf format, which contains all the data for payment via internet banking. Those who are not able to pay via the internet can easily pay at the reception of any Gyms4you centers. Payable by cash and card. * A small note: Members who pay for internet banking should take into account the time period required to submit payment which is different depending on the non-working days, if it is a weekend. In order to avoid blocking the card 8th of the month due to a non-payment on time, we advise you to send us a copy of the payment to the mail address of the center you most frequently visit to make the payment recorded on time.

Does our membership ends after the expiration of the mandatory of 6/12 months and whether it is necessary to enter into a new contract for the new 6/12 months? All our memberships with a contract after the expiration of the mandatory of 6/12 months are automatically renewed, but on a monthly basis at the same preferential price you had when entering. In this way we come to meet our members so they will not have to go through the enrollment process again and join for the new 6/12 months.

What should I do if I still want to end my membership? In case you decide to end membership, you only need to announce the termination at least the month before, so that the membership fee is deactivated in a timely manner and by doing so the invoices will not continue to reach your email address. For example: If you want to end on September 30, you only need to announce it until the last day of the 8th month. You can train for the entire 9th month for which you still get a bill and that's it. You can keep a membership card and return with it when you decide to train again.

Can I terminate the contract before expiration of the mandatory of 6/12 months? It is possible, but with the payment of a discount on the discount of the service you have been given for all the past months. The amount of fees depends on the type of membership fee. For example: a member has a contractual obligation for 6 months at the price of 249.00 HRK and wants to terminate after 2 months of contract then he pays the amount of 51.00 HRK for each month of the contract or in this case - 2 x 51.00 HRK.

Is there an option to freeze membership fees if a disease or an injury occurs? There are two freezing options:

  1. Option in case of illness or injury and it is of course free. It is only necessary to bring the medical documentation that indicates a period when you are or were unable to train. There is no time limit for freezing. For a frozen period  you will be deducted from the membership fee or you will not receive an invoice at all, depending on the period. For the frozen period the Contract will automatically be extended.
  2. Option is the lease of a whole calendar month at a price of 70.00 HRK. To freeze you do not pay the membership fee. It is possible to freeze several months at a time. Student's freezing option is 50,00 HRK.

Can I transfer my membership contract to one of my friends and what is the price? Of course, we have enabled on option to switch membership contract to another person precisely because if someone is unable to comply with the contract, and wants to avoid paying early termination fees. Prior to the transfer of the membership contract, any eventual unpaid bills must be settled and the transfer price is 50,00 HRK. Student Membership can only be transferred to a person who is also a student. For the transfer it is necessary that both persons arrive at the reception personally together with personal ID cards or send a copy of the ID card via email and signed annex of the contract. After the transfer, "New Member" takes over all the obligations of the "Old Member". For "New Member" there is also an option for automatic renewal and if it is not canceled, after the mandatory part of the contract, the membership fee will continue to be renewed on a monthly basis and the price will not change.

NOTE: If a member has an automatic payment and wants to transfer to another person, then the other person must also activate the automatic payment. Automatic payment is only possible with VISA, MAESTRO or MASTERCARD cards and an active secure online shopping service (token / mToken).
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I'm still not sure if I want to enroll, do I have the right to one trial training? Of course. You have the right to a one-on-one tutorial that will help you decide if Gyms4you is the right choice for you. You can do it every day in the reception hours. You only need a ID card, and you will need a clean running shoe and a towel. Read more about free trial * * Only people with permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Croatia can use this option 

For the first time I started exercising in the gym and I need help with the equipment and exercises. Do you have any trainers who can help me? Each of our centers has personal trainers who are there for you if you need help with equipment, exercises, programs, diet, etc. Also, you have the option of a free individual training with a coach, which you can arrange at the center of your choice.
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Is my membership card valid for all Gyms4you locations or can I go only in the place where I joined? Can I really come from o - 24 hours, 7 days a week? One of the main advantages of the Gyms4you is that you can use your membership card at any of the current and new locations. You can come whenever you want, whether or not the reception is working. No more delay in training.
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Where are all the gyms4you gym and what is the reception time?
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I'm 16 and I'm a high school student, what options do you have for me? If you are 16 years old and a high school student, you are entitled to student membership fees.
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