Friendly month at your gym

As we enter the New Year, we close some old chapters and make new decisions to make our lives better and therefore, more satisfying.

At Gyms4you we decided to further motivate all our members!
Inactive Members – It’s time to get started in the New Year.
Active Members – We have not forgotten you, but also motivate you.

What is it about?

We have prepared a “Bring a New Member” promotion, your friend, during January 2020.
The promotion covers all of our ACTIVE MEMBERS (those who have an active membership – monthly or contractual) and INACTIVE MEMBERS (those who used to have a monthly or contractual membership fee).

Motivate your friends

In the New Year, do not forget your friends, as we have not forgotten about you!
You certainly have a friend who needs the motivation or help to take the first step towards the gym. Help them, take that step and by the way get the added benefit and keep your motivation.

Bring in a new member in January and exercise for one month free of charge.

NEW MEMBER A person who has NEVER been a member of ours in the past (if someone has done a trial run and never bought a membership, he/she is considered a new member).

In order to be eligible as our existing member, it is necessary for a new member to choose one of two membership options when enrolling:

  1. MEMBERSHIP WITH 12 MONTHS CONTRACT (applies to students and retirees)
  2. MEMBERSHIP WITH 6 MONTHS CONTRACT (with automatic payment – RCP)

Check out our receptions for more information.

With friends it’s always nicer! ­čÖé

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