[Updated 2/1/2019]
* We inform all members that Gyms4you Ltd. has altered its General Terms and Conditions, which changes take effect eight days after their publication (changes were made in Articles 6 and 7).
  • Article 1.

These General Terms and Conditions GYMS4YOU d.o.o. (hereinafter: General Conditions) regulate the relationship between GYMS4YOU as service providers and people who use services GYMS4YOU (hereinafter: User).

  • Article 2.

GYMS4YOU provides the service of recreational sport in modern fitness centres on the Croatian territory, and that the service is provided around the clock, 7 days a week, 0-24 hours. After signing the Agreement, user acquires the right to use services in all GYMS4YOU fitness centres.

  • Article 3.

The User can be private or legal person.At the time of signing the Agreement User agrees to present to the authorized person of GYMS4YOU their identity documents and agrees with taking a copy of the same. User agrees when signing the Agreement to present to the authorized person of GYMS4YOU their e-mail address, whose validity is confirmed by the response to the e-mail sent by GYMS4YOU.

In the event that a private or legal person refuses to present their ID and a valid e-mail address GYMS4YOU may refuse to make the Agreement.

  • Article 4.

User is obliged to inform in writing GYMS4YOU of any change of identification data or e-mail address immediately, and no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of such changes.

If the User does not fulfil its obligation from the previous paragraph it will be considered that the delivery is properly made if it has been sent to the last address of the identification document or e-mail address of the User.

The above applies to invoices and reminders for payment if GYMS4YOU will send them.

  • Article 5.

The prices of services and fees of GYMS4YOU were established with price list which is effective at the time of signing the Agreement.

Valid prices at the time of signing the Agreement are published in the reception centres and GYMS4YOU fitness website.

GYMS4YOU is authorized to change prices that will be publish and make it available to the common and affordable way.

In the event of changing the price list, GYMS4YOU is obliged to inform Users, in writing or by electronic means, on proposed changes and the right to cancel the Agreement in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

GYMS4YOU can apply changes to existing Users earlier than 30 (thirty) days from the date of publication of the same, except for changes that are for the benefit of members, that are applied without delay.

  • Article 6.

The User can pay fee to GYMS4YOU with cash deposit at the reception desk, credit transfer and credit and debit cards VISA and MASTERCARD.

The GYMS4YOU system uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and the MD5 algorithm to protect all data entered when purchasing with credit and debit cards VISA and MASTERCARD.

The User who has signed a contract with GYMS4YOU for a period of 6 months at a preferential price may only pay the service by credit and debit cards VISA and MASTERCARD via the PAYU system at the GYMS4YOU reception desk.

Payment by credit card is executed through PAYU S.A., ul. Grunwaldzka 182, 60-166 Poznań, Poland, tel. +48 61 628 45 05, e-mail: According to the Payment System Act, PAYU is registered with the Registry of Payments Institutions of the Republic of Poland under number IP1 / 2012 and the supervision of operations is carried out by the Polish Financial Services Supervisory Agency and is located in the register of payment service providers from other EU Member States The Croatian National Bank.

  • Article 7.

The User who makes payments through credit and debit cards VISA and MASTERCARD will negotiate future payment transactions (every first month) through the same credit and debit card (recurring payment) and will receive billing notifications via their user profile at GYMS4YOU web site, immediately after each individual transaction is completed.

If the User pays the service with credit transfer GYMS4YOU will issue the invoice to the User by e-mail for the 1st (first) of the month for the current month. The invoice is due to be billed within 7 (seven) days of the date of issue.

The User may file a complaint on the invoiced invoice within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the invoice. If the User does not present a complaint to delivered invoice, the User is deemed to have accepted the inovice in full.

If credit or debit card payments can not be made in the 1st (first) of the month and in the next three days, GYMS4YOU will issue the invoice in the 5th (fifth) of the month, which will be billed immediately upon issuance.

In the event that the User withdraws an agreement to pay with credit card or credit card payments can not be carried out repeatedly, they will continue to pay for the remaining duration of the contract, thereby losing the right to a preferential price of the service for card payments,

In order to delay the User’s payment of due receivables, GYMS4YOU is entitled to calculate the statutory default interest payable by the User.

GYMS4YOU is authorized, upon prior written notice to the Beneficiary, to transfer to the Bank creditors as well as to the accredited crediting agencies the claim against the Beneficiary.

For delaying the payment of received invoices GYMS4YOU is entitled to charge a legal default interest that the User must pay.

GYMS4YOU is authorized, upon prior written notice to the User, to transfer the debts and right to collect claims against the customer to banks and authorized debt collection agency.

  • Article 8.

The User who signed the Agreement with GYMS4YOU on period of 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months is authorized to transfer its user rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party.

The third person accepts the rights and obligations of the User by signing Annex Agreement and will fulfil its obligations referred in Article 3 (three) of these General Terms and Conditions.

The User is required to pay a fee, during the transfer, the transfer of the contractual relationship to a third party, and in accordance with the valid price list at the time of transfer.

  • Article 9.

The User has the right, during the Agreement relationship concluded for a definite period of 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months, put on hold rights and obligations under the Agreement, for a period of 1 (one) calendar month.

The User is required to pay compensation for the suspension of the Agreement in accordance with the valid price list at the time of transfer.

During freeze period User does not pay monthly preferential prices. In case the User uses the right from the previous paragraph, the contractual obligations shall be extended for the freezing period.

  • Article 10.

GYMS4YOU has the right to limit the use of services to the User, for the following cases:

  1. a) For delaying the payment of received invoices from GYMS4YOU within 10 (ten) days from of the receipt of the invoice
  2. b) For breaking the rules of use of GYMS4YOU
  • Article 11.

The Agreement concluded for a period of time of 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months shall expire at the time at which it was concluded. If, after the expiration of the period for which the Agreement was concluded, the Agreement is automatically renewed, User has the right to cancel such a contract.
Agreement relationship can be cancelled for the reasons stated in the valid law or the bylaws.
GYMS4YOU has the right to cancel the Agreement with the User in the event that the User repeatedly fails to comply with rules of using GYMS4YOU gym even after a GYMS4YOU warning.
Cancellation of the Agreement by GYMS4YOU, in accordance with the previous paragraph, effective immediately, the User in not entitled to compensation and is obligated to pay its obligations to GYMS4YOU by the end of the contractual relationship.
In case the User cancel the Agreement, User is obliged to pay the total amount of all remaining monthly fees for the rest of the period of the Agreement or compensation in the amount of discounts on the service that is achieved for all of the past months.

The User can cancel the Agreement by personal visit at any GYMS4YOU gym with an ID and signing the cancellation form.

  • Article 12.

These Terms and Conditions will be posted on the GYMS4YOU website, notice board and will be available in all GYMS4YOU fitness centres.

The same can apply to all Users who are under the Agreement, before the effective date hereof, if more favourable to members.

GYMS4YOU will publish and make available all amendments to these General Terms and Conditions in accordance with the previous paragraph.

These Terms and Conditions shall be effective within 8 (eight) days from the date of publication in accordance with this article.


[Update 10/30/2019]
* We inform all members that Gyms4you Ltd. has altered its Terms of Use, and the amendments are effective as of October 30, 2019.

1. A member is not permitted to allow another person to use the GYMS4YOU membership card, either inside or outside the gym. If someone has a problem with their membership card outside the opening hours of the club reception they can call the emergency number. In no case shall members be permitted to introduce or perform other persons and may also result in the suspension of membership in accordance with Article 24.
2. The membership card shall be personal, non-transferable and linked to each member’s fingerprint and photograph. In case of loss of the card, the production of a new one is paid HRK 50.00.
3. The member is responsible for keeping personal information up-to-date and accurate address and personal contacts. The information that was last provided by the member is considered valid.
4. The gym can only be used for exercise.
5. For the personal safety of members and to prevent any illegal or illegal activities, members shall always have a membership card with them so that they may present it at any time to the security or guard service.
6. Members exercise at the gym at their own risk. GYMS4YOU is not responsible for the health of members.
7. The order or reprimand of the club staff should be obeyed and it cannot be discussed.
8. GYMS4YOU is not responsible for the valuables of club members even when locked in lockers.
9. Cabinets are not personal and should be emptied after use. Failure to do so will cause the padlocks to be removed and not replaced with new ones. GYMS4YOU is not responsible for items stored in cabinets.
10. It is always necessary to show respect and consideration for other members and neighbors who use the facilities at the gym.
11. After use, the weights should always be returned to the place from which they were taken.
12. Members must not yell or scream at the gym.
13. Weighting or improper handling of equipment is not allowed.
14. Only clean indoor gym footwear that a member brings with him may be used in the gym, and this may by no means be the same footwear in which the member came from outside. Exceptionally when it comes to stretching and deadlifting, members can be in socks during this exerices.
15. After use, the equipment used must be disinfected and dried.
16. If you want to listen to music other than the one played at the gym, we recommend using a headset.
17. It is not allowed to shoot or photograph other members without their permission.
18. A medical certificate diagnosed with a disease or pregnancy allows members to freeze membership.
19. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol, drugs and doping into the gym and to smoke on the gym premises. Users who use the gym under the influence of alcohol, drugs or doping will be removed from the gym.
20. Personal trainers are not allowed to use the gym without agreement with the gym management. No advertising is permitted on the premises of the gym.
21. The membership age is 18 years. People below that age are not allowed to train or stay in the gym.
22. The working hours of the gym must be respected. Hours are posted at the gym reception and on the Gyms4you website
23. If a member is found to have been abusive or threatened by the use of the gym, he or she will be expelled and membership will be terminated immediately.
24. If a Member violates any of these rules, GYMS4YOU may terminate this Agreement at any time with immediate effect and without any obligation to indemnify.