Gyms4you calls you to get back on track


Gyms4you has prepared a promotional campaign #getbackontrack through which it invites current and future members to turn to fitness lifestyle.

Gyms4you mission is to talk about all the benefits of such a way of life to increase people’s awareness of the importance of taking care of their own health, but also to strengthen immunity, sleep better, increase work productivity, energy and strengthen the body.

In Croatia, the coronavirus epidemic is on the wane, in accordance with all measures and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health Gyms4you gyms started working again on May 18 and remain the most affordable and best choice with its availability 24 hours 7 days a week. For all newcomers Gyms4you has provided free trial training as well as consultation with Coach4you expert trainers.

Get Back On Track – no need to do it alone!

Speaking of coaches, we have one exclusive just for you.

If you have decided on a healthy and fitness lifestyle as part of the #getbackontrack campaign, we have prepared a discount on the services of a personal trainer within the Coach4you team. Take advantage of a discount in any of our centers until the end of June.

The regular price for an hour of personal trainer service is 150 HRK, which means that the standard monthly package of 12 trainings (3 times a week) is 1,800 HRK.

As part of the #getbackontrack promotion, you pay 100 HRK for an hour of coaching services!

If you want to use the package service, then a discount is valid where you pay 1200 HRK for a package of 12 trainings per month (3x times a week)!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. The break lasted a long time, but you can still get back on track, see you at the gym! ­čÖé

An additional note for those who have not yet started – ­čśë All our centers were visited by the sanitary inspection, which assessed that we are doing everything according to the standards, and that the safety in terms of health in the # Gyms4you centers is at a high level. ☺️ As we have told you before, your safety comes first. See you in the gym. 😉💪

#GetBackOnTrack #WeNeverClose

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