Important Notice: Covid-19

Dear members,

we believe that you are aware that the number of people suffering from diseases caused by the COVID 19 virus is rising again. Today we contacted the epidemiologists of the CIPH who confirmed that we correctly adhere to all the recommended measures, and once again we would like to inform you:

  • All epidemiological measures are still in force
  • If you do not feel well and / or have been in close contact with a person who is positive, stay at home in self-isolation and send us information and documentation based on which we can freeze your membership for 2 weeks.
  • Please do not relax when it comes to protecting yourself and other members, not only in the gym but also in other places.
  • Hand disinfection is mandatory.
  • Changing shoes at the reception is mandatory
  • Disinfection before and after the use of devices and props is mandatory
  • The use of large towels is mandatory
  • Keeping a physical distance according to the recommendations of the CIPH is mandatory
  • Staying in the reception area is not allowed
  • We recommend contactless payment

We also want to inform You that in all situations we act in accordance with the recommendations and advice of epidemiological services, and your Gyms4You centers are still safe to exercise!

Your faithful partner in health, Gyms4You!

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