More time and resources are invested to ensure safe conditions and maintain a high standard to the satisfaction of our members. The result is an increase in operating costs. It is precisely because of these costs and the sustainability of the business that prices will change.


From November 1, the registration fee will be introduced, which will certainly be 0 kn for the first registration, while for re-registration (previously terminated contract) for the contract membership will be charged in full. The monthly membership fee will be 50 HRK more, or 350 HRK, without a contractual obligation. All other membership fees will be increased by HRK 30 per month.


Gyms4you emphasizes that the price increase will not apply to loyal members but to new ones from November 1, 2020. Loyal members are all those who now or until November 1 become members with one of the contractual membership. For all those who join by then, the existing price list will still be valid. Loyal members who have an active contract or will have it until November 1 will keep the price of the monthly membership fee they have had so far, but also with additional benefits. Namely, the pause or the popular “freezing” of the membership fee for one month will be possible at a lower price of HRK 70 (for standard contracts) instead of the previous HRK 100 and HRK 50 instead of HRK 70 for students and retirees. Gyms4you thanks its loyal members whose contracts will not be affected by the new changes. Gyms4you also wants to encourage once active members Ôćĺ RETURN AND BECOME A LOYAL MEMBER BEFORE NOVEMBER 1.


By choosing the membership fee with automatic payment (RCP) with a contractual obligation of 12 months, it will be at the price as before of 199 HRK and HRK 169 for students and retirees, so you will have the terms as a loyal member. ­čÖé

Our goal is to stay healthy and to strengthen our immunity with the help of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. There will always be somekind of viruse, so we should continue to live in a new environment without fear, but with caution – protecting yourself and others. At Gyms4you, we have proven by our example that we are safer than ever so that all current and future members become stronger than ever.

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