Government of the Republic of Croatia – has issued an official order to close service activities including fitness centers and gyms for 30 days.

[Updated 3/23/2020. 18:45]
   Dear members and all of you who will become one when we reopen.
As you know, yesterday in Zagreb we were hit by a strong earthquake, after which the ground continued to tremble. We would like to inform you that we have visited all of our and your centers and that we have no major material damage. Your favorite machines and equipment are still in good condition and are waiting for you! Thank you for your concern and for being with us – because together we are stronger!

PLEASE #STAYHOME until further notice, so that everyone can get back to having fun at their favorite center as soon as possible!
We also want to inform you that our EMERGENCY LINE is closed until we open again.

Be healthy and listen to the recommendations of the authorities!
Your Health Partner – Gyms4You.

We have been proactive in closing our centers to protect the health of all fellow citizens. Immediately afterwards, the Government of the Republic of Croatia made an official decision that the service activities and all fitness centers and gyms MUST be closed for a period of 30 days. As a responsible company, Gyms4you d.o.o. will follow the instructions of the Government until the very end of this situation. We would like to inform You that the 14-day closing period is extended until the Government authorizes us to work.

Immediately after the closing of the centers – on March 17, 2020. we put ALL memberships in the status of “FREEZING” and will remain so until the Government makes different decisions ie. give us permission to work, and for this time period the Members will not pay the membership fee! This is precisely why there is no cause for concern. Take care of your health and that of your loved ones and fellow citizens.

When the situation stabilizes and the Croatian Government allows us to work, we will see you at your favorite center ready for new fitness challenges!

We update the information in accordance with the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Please, continue to follow us!

Your Health Partner – Gyms4You!

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