Our Coronavirus Procedures [updated]-TEMPORARY CLOSED

Here you will find the latest information on our anti-coronavirus activity. The site is constantly updated with new information.

“Gyms4you, as the only and largest chain of gyms in the Republic of Croatia, is doing everything to prevent the potential spread of coronavirus and to protect its members, employees and their families.

Gyms4you Management

[Updated 3/19/2020. 17:26]
Read the latest info – TEMPORARY 30-DAY CLOSURE

[Updated 3/18/2020. 11:17]
Check out the latest, timely and accurate information on coronavirus on the new Government official website –

[Updated 3/16/2020. 23:29]
Gyms4you d.o.o. management has decided to temporarily close all its centers tomorrow at 12:00 pm, March 17, 2020.

As a measure of prevention and protection of citizenship of the Republic of Croatia and all our employees, we will close all centers from tomorrow at 12:00. In this ungrateful situation, we have made the aforementioned decision to contribute to the health and safety of our staff, as well as You – dear members.
All centers will be closed tomorrow, March 17, 2020 for 14 days ( with the
possibility of extension). We will automatically “freeze” all memberships for all members without charge and without the obligation to extend the contractual obligation.

We made this decision in accordance with the recommendations of the Crisis Staff and in accordance with our business policy, which is that you, dear members, and our employees, are the most important to us!
We kindly ask you to follow our official website and social networks (Instagram and Facebook) for all further information.
Please take care, both for your own safety and health, and for your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you again (hope this will be just a short break).
Your Health Partner – Gyms4You.
P.S. remember to maintain the form – stay strong & safe 💪😉

[Updated 3/16/2020. 10:00]
Dear members,

Gyms4you management is familiar with the document “DECISION on the need for work restrictions and measures of behavior in the City of Zagreb” in accordance with the COVID-19 situation. Today, the Government of the Republic of Croatia is expected to speak on the same subject throughout the day and we will notify you in the shortest possible time.

There is no reason to come to the gym just to cancel contracts or freeze memberships, because when it comes to the official decision to limit the work of fitness centers, we will do everything automatically. You will be notified via e-mail, our official website and social networks.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty!
Your faithful partner in health – Gyms4you

[Updated 3/15/2020. 17:00]
  “A whole series of measures are being considered, they will follow very soon, they will be increasingly rigorous. It is certain that with certain dynamics we will introduce into Croatia measures such as those introduced in some other countries,” said Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic.
“Our lives will start to change a little more seriously, with the aim of protecting citizens,” Bozinovic said.
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NOTE: We ask members for more responsibility to themselves and others and to avoid unnecessary panic. We closely monitor the information provided by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and the National Civil Protection Headquarters. We will follow their instructions and recommendations and keep you informed in a timely manner.

[Updated 3/15/2020. 16:50]
  Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Sunday that the government would pass a set of legal proposals on Tuesday to combat the coronavirus situation, adding that 49 people have been infected in Croatia so far.
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[Updated 3/13/2020. 19:00]
Trenutno su sve Currently all our gyms are open as usual.
However, we are closely following the information of the Croatian Institute of Public Health i Ministry of Health and we will update immediately if the situation changes.

[Updated 3/13/2020. 17:00]
In accordance with the latest state recommendations, with the aim of preventing diseases caused by the new coronavirus and preserving the health of not only members but also employees as and their families measures are as follows:

Increase disinfection measures (MINIMUM 3X DAILY) of all contact areas in gyms, including the following:

  • Door and window handles
  • All faucets
  • Contact surfaces in toilets
  • Electrical switches
  • Reception counters
  • Reception benches
  • Phones
  • Keyboards, mouse, bank card reader
  • Fingerprint readers

Ventilate all gym premises at least every hour, preferably more often. If the weather permits, it is recommended to keep the windows constantly open.

Everything that cannot be effectively disinfected and not intended to provide health care (leaflets, magazines, decorations, flowers …) must be removed from the gym.

All employees who have symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath) are advised to stay home.

 We have a hygienic handwashing procedure installed in all toilets.

There are disinfectants at the entrance to the gym.

Please do not panic, and note that there is no need to cancel your membership but just the opposite -> strengthen your immunity with training!
Keep a balanced diet throughout the day, stay hydrated and boost your vitamin intake.

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