You can join in any of the 12 Centers, within the reception hours.

Reception hours:

VMD CENTER: Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 20:00, weekend: CLOSED.

OTHER CENTERS: Monday – Friday: 12:00 – 20:00, weekend: CLOSED.


* We advise you to take advantage of free trial training before enrollment.

Read more about free trial training
* Read our Terms of Use and General Terms of Business before entering.


A valid ID, PIN number (Personal Identification Number) and email address must be submitted for registration.

NOTE: You need to be 16 years old to join. Persons under the age of 18 should come to the registration accompanied by a parent or guardian, whose signature and identification document are also required for the registration of a minor.

Students should submit an index or a certificate of the current year in order to achieve student enrollment requirements. It does not matter if they are extraordinary or regular students.

Retired persons should submit a retirement card or a pay slips to retirement retirement conditions.


Monthly membership with a 6-month contract

Membership with automatic extension on a monthly basis.*

Monthly Membership with a 6 Month Contract (for students only)

Membership with automatic extension on a monthly basis, with the indication of the certificate for the current year.*

SENIORS - Monthly membership with a 6-month contract

Membership with automatic extension on a monthly basis, with the indication of the certificate for the current year.*

Monthly membership without contractual obligation

One-time payment upon registration, cash or card.

Annual Membership

One-time payment when entering, cash or card.

Annual Membership for students

One-time payment by subscription, by cash or by card, with indication of the index or certificate of the current year.

Daily pass

Guests - non-members, can use gym area only one-time, and only within the reception hours.
One-time payment by cash or card.

Sign up fee with the contract

* New members will not be affected with sign up fee.
The sign up fee only applies to members who have given up and wish to re-apply. If you sign a loyalty program and become a loyal member - no fee will be charged.

After you choose a membership and you decide to enroll, you will pay a monthly membership fee for first month. The remaining months of contract will be paid monthly as it is stated in your contractual obligation (if you are a member of the contract).

For the remaining number of months (depending on the duration of the contractual obligation), the invoices are delivered monthly to the email address you provided upon entering. You always get the bill for the current month only. Payments are made monthly, per account delivered.

The invoice payment period is 7 days from the receipt.

Noncitizens of Republic of Croatia may also receive a discount with a contractual obligation, but only with one-time payment by subscription (cash or card). Theay can choos between semi-annual or annual membership fees.

– Transfer service (transfer of remaining months of contractual obligation) to another person: 50,00 HRK
For more details on transfer please read the FAQ.

– Freeze service (unpaid months of contractual obligation that you will not use):

* standard: 70,00 HRK for the whole month

* student: 50,00 HRK for the whole month

– Fee for issuing new membership card (in case of loss): 50,00 HRK.

*All memberships include unlimited use

*Automatic extension implies reimbursement of the membership fee after the expiration of the contractual obligation for 6 or 12 months, but on a monthly basis at the same price.

*Cancellation deadline of 30 days exists within 6 or 12 months of contractual obligations and in an automatically restored part (automatic extension).



cash or card payments.


There are no non-working days for members

"During Sundays and holidays I can come and exercise, while other gyms in the city do not work. That is why I enrolled. I like to train in the morning and only at the Gyms4you can I train while everyone is sleeping. Kind and professional staff."

Suzana Jakabfi


There is no more running late

"I do not use the Gym in the late hours of the night, but what matters to me is the fact that I will never be late again. I do not have to think about how late is it, how much time I have spent for training - I just take a membership card and head straight to the Gyms4you. The gym is clean, air conditioned, spacious and well equipped."

Filip Stimac