Refresh yourself with Machine4You!

We have introduced Machine4You for all members who have forgot something about training and for those who want to refresh themselves with special drinks or drink shake after training.

A special machine is available from 0-24 hours, therefore outside reception hours. Now there is no more running late or forgetting things. 🙂

We always strive to be of maximum service to our members. As a result of many years of monitoring our members, we have found that members often come to training and forget some key things, and in addition, the reception does not work. Sounds familiar? That’s why Machine4You is here!


You can pay with: -CASH – BY APPLICATION THROUGH THE MOBILE PHONE “SMARTPAY by Aristos” (which can be charged on the same device (with cards or cash) -Members on the machine can buy with their own Gyms4you membership card and so they will not have to carry money and bank cards with them every time for training.

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