Run with Afternoon and Gyms4you [OPEN RADIO]

Every afternoon at the Open gives you a chance to motivate yourself and others and start moving in Croatia. Because that’s exactly what we need in the early afternoon, when we’re already thinking about going home – we need one good motivation for action! And so – run us, and as a reward, you get a monthly membership fee for Gyms4you.

We are already releasing a bunch of lifters on the air for your good mood, and now it’s your turn to choose one of the things that drives you, your lifter with which you have to get up from the table, with which you dance, run, lift on the bench… Call Cara and Kas on toll-free 08003355 and tell us your motivational story related to the song that moves you. Why do you jump right next to her, why does she wake you up, why does she put a smile on your face – reveal the secret to us, motivate us and start the whole of Croatia! The best story wins every day a monthly membership fee for Gyms4you throughout Croatia. Check all the details of the tender in the Regulations.


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