Temporary closing

Dear members,

we believe that you, like us, are concerned about the closure of fitness centers in line with the new measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. 

First of all, we would like to mention that there is no need to come to the gym, or contact us regarding technical details about your membership and membership fees, because we will automatically make sure everything is covered.

The interest and protection of our members is always on our minds. We would like to inform you about the steps we will take effectively from 28.11.2020:

– All gyms will be closed, disinfected and prepared for your soon return

– All membership fees will be frozen for the duration of the gym’s lockdown, no invoices will be issued in the time period

– For the remaining three days of November that you will not be able to use the gym, we will reduce on the next issued invoice after gym opening

– Follow us on the web, instagram, facebook, for more information related to:

             -Free online training

             -Information on measures

             -Information on reopening the gym.

Although at home, stay active and healthy. See you soon!

Your health partner, Gyms4you!

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