Use of dressing rooms and showering

Dear members,

we are obliged to inform you that in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIPH, which were issued on February 12, 2021, showers and locker rooms in Gyms4You centers MUST NOT BE USED for changing and showering!

You need to arrive to the gym ready for training, change your shoes at the reception as before and leave your jacket and things in the lockers that you don’t need in the exercise area (we are still not responsible for personal belongings). Changing clothes and showering are not allowed in accordance with the insistence of the Ministry and the Civil Protection. Since the toilets are in the locker rooms, they can be used.

Thank you for adhering to all the prescribed measures and making it easier for your colleagues at the reception.

Together we are stronger!

Your health partner, Gyms4you.

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